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Don’t Miss Investment Opportunities in Afghanistan

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Don’t Miss Investment Opportunities in Afghanistan

Don’t Miss Investment Opportunities in Afghanistan

According to the World Bank’s annual report on international trade and investment, Afghanistan was ranked 23rd among 183 countries and is recognized as one of the best and suitable countries for investment with high returns.

Afghanistan opened its doors to international investment through adopting market economy system in its Constitution, enacting 17 laws with regards to domestic and foreign investment, and obtaining membership in World Trade Organization (WTO) and International Road Transportation Union (IRU).

Moreover, Afghanistan is located at the crossroads of international trade routes such as the ancient Silk Road, it is connected to international waters through Chabehar port, and to international land trade through Afghanistan-Turkmenistan railroad system.  These characteristics makes Afghanistan a country with unique geo-economical location for international trade, through which countries such as India, China can connect to the countries in central Asia, and Europe and vice versa.  Afghanistan is estimated to have over 3 trillion dollars’ worth of natural deposits which makes it a place of high potential for direct foreign investment in mining and production of vast varieties of minerals, and other earth deposits.

The Afghan government has steadily increased its efforts to prepare an investor-friendly environment for domestic and international investors through building modern transit ways, providing electricity, and other relevant facilities, and enacting numerous legal reforms.

Considering the demand, and a strong support of the Afghan government, international investors are provided an exceptional investment opportunity, which is ought to be taken and not to be missed.


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