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Establishment of Afghan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries

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Establishment of Afghan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries

Establishment of Afghan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries

According to Afghan government officials, businesswomen have made significant progress in this country and their role in economic activity has been stronger than in previous years; Afghanistan’s Ministry of Commerce said that 800 commercial companies led by women in this country and this figure continues to rise.

Meanwhile, the government of Afghanistan considers impossible, the development of economic, social, cultural and political without the active and wide participation of women who create the half of society. The Afghan government has always tried to apply different measures to the role of women in all sectors, including trade and increase the economic prosperity of the country.

In the latest attempt to achieve the above mentioned objectives, the Gender Committee of Afghanistan Cabinet, has approved the Afghan women’s employment, economic rights and immunities’ Strategy, after examining all aspects of the business situation of women in Afghanistan.

This strategy for vocational training and employment of women, promote the recognition of women as economic actors, promote the leadership of women in the economic, and adopt policies based on needs of specific active women in the private sector for the next five years was adopted and determined for the implementation of an expert team composed of competent institutions.

Also the Supreme Economic Council of Afghanistan not long ago, with a commitment to providing and ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for women in different parts of the private sector, including trade; created chamber of commerce and industry especially for women.

Special Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Women in Afghanistan which is managed by women, gathered Afghan businesswomen under one roof and supports them in the areas of trade, industry and economic development of Afghanistan, and to be a center for attraction of foreign investments and regulate commercial relations of Afghanistan with the region and the world.

Afghan women often with little opportunities, have shown economic and trade initiatives, and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Afghan women has been established independently in parallel with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of this country, which is a major step towards greater empowering them and opportunity for their share in the economic prosperity of Afghanistan.

The Afghan Women Chamber of Commerce is established based on an organized work plan for three years and as a whole it would be responsible for the duties including, advocacy for, and representation of businesswomen who are working in the private sector; promotion of Afghan women’s business activities in foreign countries; development of women’s handicrafts and providing the necessary fields to export it abroad; providing business development services for women entrepreneurs who have recently started their business, and providing advice for the successful promotion of their business; elimination internal and external trade obstacles of business women in Afghanistan; promoting the network of Afghan businesswomen with each other and businesswomen abroad; and in general all the activities that reduce barriers and increase business opportunities for women in Afghanistan.


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