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2001 and establishment of Afghanistan’s new government can be highlighted the most for bringing a revolution of construction. Many local and international private companies have arisen as contractors or subcontractors. Although, it seemed indisputable at the time, a large amount of disputes has been arose during previous years.
MLC’s experts are deeply familiar with such situations and are known for their services. We believe that court is the last option to solve a dispute. It is our professional’s skill to end a dispute through mediation and arbitration. However if litigation becomes the only option, we have the most extensive experience and connections in local courts. MLC is committed to clients and its endeavor is nothing but their satisfaction.
Our assistance has no limits and includes:
• Contractor and Sub-contractor disputes;
• Working with clients to identify and comply with financing requirements related to a specific project;
• Design errors and omissions claims;
• Personal injury claims;
• Property damage claims;
• Construction delay damages claims;
• Business interruption;
• Bankruptcy; and
• Contract negotiation and drafting.