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After agriculture, Afghanistan is globally known for its natural resources. This sector which involves different entities including countries’ governments “renewable energy producers, suppliers, distributors, manufacturing, technology and managed-services companies, real estate developers and lenders, energy consumers, and energy investors” has attracted not only local but foreign attentions.
MLC’s experts are perfectly capable to assist and advise local and foreign individuals and entities about energy and natural resources regulations, transaction, and litigation.
We believe in bigger picture. Professionalism does not summarize only in understanding of local laws and international regulations; it also covers our effort to know “our clients, business, model, financial position and long term aspirations.”
Besides, legal skills are not the only benefit that we present for our clients. We have strong relationship with high rank officials in legislative, judiciary and executive branches of government which “facilitate communication, ensure fair consideration, and often enable us to reach out directly to resolve potential issues quickly.”
Area of MLC’s expertise includes:
• Energy Litigation;
• Mineral and mineral ownership;
• Mining contracts;
• Mining license;
• Mining Tax settlement;
• Minerals transaction;
• Dispute mediation;
• Dispute Trial;
• Local laws versus international conventions;