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Globalization and excessive expansion of virtual space and internet gravely impress intellectual property (IP). Symbol of a company, Trademark of an industry, publisher of a book, and etc, are the most invaluable asset of every business. In domestic and global markets in doesn’t matter who is sitting behind the CEO’s desk and you are known by your sign or intellectual property. “A strong IP portfolio creates competitive advantage, captures market share, underwrites research and development and promotes growth.”
MLC’s experts on IP are well known in government’s institutions and determined to secure your absolute right and give you back what is yours.
We acknowledge our client’s tiresome endeavor in representing his/her inner soul and ingenuity by a sign, logo type, trade mark, emblem, device, symbol, design, seal, stamp, article or book and will never allow misusers to take advantage of this indisputable possession.
MLC provides following services in relevance with IP:
• IP dispute resolution/ litigation;
• Rights of publicity and privacy;
• Copyrights;
• Trademarks;
• Patents;
• E-business;
• Represent clients with respect to trade secret, counterfeiting, and price discrimination issues; and
• Online enforcement protocols, privacy policies, user, and membership agreements.