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Notwithstanding the fact that modern democratic governments count media as forth pillar of government, it faces many challenges and vast regulations. Afghanistan constitution as well secures the right of freedom of express and freedom of the press, but draws a thick line to justify the legality of freedom. Besides, afghan intellectual property codes and regulations do not meet the needs of our globalization era.
Having merited media experts comes handy to protect your evidence while ensuring legal compliance about your performance. MLC professionals provide the whole package of representation covering from business establishment and protection of intellectual property rights to consultation on formation of contracts, litigation and estate planning for domestic and multi-national clients.
Our inner circle of media and entertainment includes, print media, publishing and audio-visual broadcast.
MLC’s ranges of services are as follow:
• Negotiating and drafting a wide range of agreements, including sponsorship, content licensing, film and television production, distribution, recording, music publishing, rights of publicity, live performance, talent agreements, personal management, talent and screenplay option and purchase agreements;
• Counseling clients regarding the structuring of partnerships, joint ventures and co-productions, entertainment venue leases and licenses, union and guild agreement compliance, child talent contracts, rights acquisitions and related due diligence and rights clearances for entertainment properties (motion pictures, television programs, video games, software, books, music and websites);
• Counseling clients involved in the provision of entertainment content via emerging digital media technologies, such as online retailers of digital music, motion pictures, videogames and other audiovisual content;
• Defending the right of freedom of thoughts and speech;
• Right to obtain information and to avoid disclosure;
• Consultancy on Disputes on legal protection of journalists;
• Establishment of independent associations; and
• Obtaining license from Ministry of culture for foreign entities.
• Media and broadcasting rights and disputes.