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Local governments and private sectors are indispensable to one another. In most realistic sense, local government facilitates and secures businesses, while private sector provides a significant portion of its expenses.
There is no argument that both parties seek to increase their benefits.
Normally, most governments resort to additional taxes and imposing new business taxes to ensure the completion of state’s developmental projects and improve their budgets.
However, placing disproportionate taxes on domestic companies and industries not only reduce their profits, but “puts a business at a serious competitive disadvantage.” Multinational companies, on the other hand, face more heterogeneous taxations which are not often devoid of financial consequences.
To overcome such struggle, MLC can be proved most sufficient advisor. Our tax experts are highly trained on national tax laws and international procedure, along with being well-connected to respective authorities.
We are tenacious to satisfy our clients and ensure their tax profits in any country, jurisdiction, or tax system.
Scope of MLC’s services and consultation includes, but not limited to:
• Tax planning to minimize state/local tax costs of regular business operations and major transactions;
• Tax rulings;
• Audit guidance;
• Appeals of assessments;
• Advise on multistate and constitutional tax issues;
• Guidance on all state and local taxes, including sales tax, use tax, income tax, gross receipts tax, property tax, utility tax, real estate excise tax, leasehold excise tax, business receipt tax, fixed tax, and other business taxes;
• Counseling on indirect taxation;
• Advising on governmental relationships;
• Tax assessment;
• Tax settlement;
• Tax exemption;
• Determination of taxable and Non-taxable income;
• Tax assessment of gain or loss from the sale and net income, exchange or transfer of assets; and
Tax and net income determination for partnership companies, insurance companies, banks and investment corporations.