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• Background

Masnad Legal Consultancy (MLC) is a local law firm distinguished from other Afghan legal institutions by its close relationship with lawyers from more than 100 countries in all continent of the globe. Our friendly and professional international connections reserves us the highest rank in the region and let us easily and promptly achieve our clients’ objectives within every jurisdiction.
Through MLC and its international colleagues around the globe, DISTANCE merely remains as an 8 syllables word in old English dictionaries. No magic is needed to solve legal matters with a snap of the fingers. MLC is the door toward “World Wide Legal Solutions!”

• Why Should You Choose US?

Masnad Legal Consultancy (MLC) is not a simple legal firm, but an experienced family composed of numerous well known and prestigious professionals in every legal domains and jurisdictions. With no discrimination, individuals, private companies, public sector’s entities, and governments can acquire our advices in order to easily and effectively obtain their objectives and secure benefits. We ensure prompt results, decisive actions, credible outcomes and winning your dreams.
Our joint effort is the gateway to a broader and globally recognized businesses and transactions. Through MLC’s legal network you will experience the essence of no boundary and reality of the world as a reachable global village. You deserve the best and we are committed to help you attain the climax of successes. With MLC’s umbrella the world is in your hands. Devotion of our local and international lawyers is merely dedicated to assist you with practical legal skills, professionalism, influential connections, and appropriate expertise.

• Cross-Border Solutions

No boundary is resistible before our clients. Professional access to almost every jurisdictions, legal systems, and customs are the primary advantages that MLC is determined to provide for clients.

• World Wide Legal Solutions

MLC is committed to secure the clients’ interests while washing away their disturbances by known and highly experienced lawyers in local and multi-national litigations around the world.