Afghanistan Laws & Regulations

Unofficial English translated version of Afghanistan laws and regulations

Laws & Regulations
Treaties & Conventions
Election Law1226Sep 26, 2016
Law on Juvenile Rehabilitation and Correction Centers969Jan 14, 2009
Law on Organization and Jurisdiction of Military Courts1034Aug 07, 2010
Law on Regulating the Conduct of Three Organs of State1051May 21, 2011
Law on Structure and Authorities of Ministries and Departments of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan797May 02, 2001
Law on Structure and Jurisdiction of Special Courts1130Apr 12, 2014
Law on the Structure and Jurisdiction of Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan1109Jun 30, 2013
Local Administration Law (Sub-National Governance Administration Law)793Aug 20, 2000
Postal Law264Feb 04, 1974
The Advocates’ Law934Dec 17, 2007