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Agriculture, Agro-industry, and Agribusiness

Agriculture, Agro-industry, and Agribusiness

Agriculture plays the most significant role in Afghanistan’s food security and economy development. Almost 60% of Afghan workforce relies on agriculture in order to ensure their sustainability. This sector guarantees 40% of Afghanistan’s gross domestic product. However, in reality, formers only own 13% of lands and cultivating 22% of crop land.

No policy baggage, no access to functioning markets, and large institutional and capacity deficit impedes agricultural and agro- industrial development.

Our experts and professionals are fully familiar with Afghanistan’s Agricultural and agro-industrial sectors.

We have the fundamental knowledge about Agriculture regulations, land policy, and agricultural finance on one hand, and the importance of water, technology and market on the other. We are dedicated to assist you from seeding to export of your product to home and global markets. “Our dedication to a sustainable and dynamic agricultural sector drives innovative thinking and approaches to serve our clients.”

MLF’s services in support of agriculture sector includes but not limited to:

  • Crop License;
  • Crop Import/Export;
  • Crop Protection;
  • Crop Insurance;
  • Crop Disputes;
  • Environmental Damages;
  • Agricultural NGOs;
  • Livestock Producers And Markets;
  • Agricultural Product Distributors;
  • Land Policy;
  • Unutilized Lands;
  • Irrigation;
  • Agricultural Projects;
  • Cooperatives;
  • Animal Protection And Support;
  • Food Quality Control;
  • Food Processing Companies;
  • Financial Institutions Dedicated To The Agribusiness Sector;
  • Form Organizations; And
  • Family Farmers.