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We represent clients of all sizes, across industry, as well as foreign missions,
government entities and INGOs.

Employment and Labor Law

Employment and Labor Law

While it is important for a company or business to ensure its existence, gain benefit, and satisfy its workforce, it is also a must to obey government’s regulations and provide transparency.

MLF’s professionals endeavor to make sure clients reach their goals lawfully!

We represent clients and remove obstacles from their way and let them reach to the golden gates of their goals. Through MLF, clients find legal compliance whenever compensation concerns arise. We “Identify how even small changes in one area could affect a company’s benefit and compensation position in other areas.” Therefore MLF is committed to harmonize legal concerns and company’s objectives. Speed, decisiveness, and liability are the MLF’s primary action plan toward employment and labor issues.

Our scope of work includes:

  • Prepare employment contracts, retention agreements, and change-in-control agreements;
  • Design qualified retirement plans, including defined benefit pension plans, and defined contribution plans;
  • Counsel clients regarding multi-employer pension plans and withdrawal liability;
  • Plan design and operational compliance;
  • Provide advice regarding health and welfare benefit plans’ statutory requirements in order to protect clients from liability;
  • Prohibition of forced labor;
  • Organize labor relations;
  • Application of labor law on foreign citizens;
  • Employment disputes on remuneration, wages and discrimination;
  • Local labor law versus international conventions; and
  • Obtaining work permits.