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We represent clients of all sizes, across industry, as well as foreign missions,
government entities and INGOs.

Government Affairs

Government Affairs

The conflict between private sector and public sector is not a matter of novelty. All governments are seeking new approaches to ensure their superiority.

While it is apparent that the source of highest authority is government of each country, private sector holds the string to influence government’s decisions.

MLF professionals are fully experienced to design strategic approaches for clients and ensure that their voices will reach to authorities. Being lawyer in MLF simply means being part of the law. Therefore, whenever public sector’s regulations overlap private sector’s benefit, we come forward to secure your business and satisfy the government. Through years of experience in public and private sectors, we are confident to have enough professional relations and knowledge to get the job done.

“We use our knowledge to help clients achieve [legal] compliance quickly and efficiently, and with minimum business disruption…. We identify areas where clients might leverage government regulation or available incentives to grow their business or become more competitive. Where others see restrictions, we find opportunities.”

Our scope of work includes:

  • Formulation of message(s);
  • Drafting of legislation, amendments to legislation and legislative report language;
  • Preparation of testimony, position papers, advocacy letters, and regulatory briefs;
  • Represent clients in their relationships with governmental entities from the legislative bodies to the various departments, agencies, boards, and commissions;
  • Coalition-building and media outreach;
  • Coordination of demonstrations and other interactive events for key decision makers;
  • Representation of clients at congressional and regulatory hearings and adjudicatory proceedings;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Initiatives and referenda; and
  • Coordinate legal and government relations strategy.